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Our Comprehensive Sixteen Point Dental Examination Explained

Your health is our primary concern, our dental examination looks at much more than your teeth. We routinely do a sixteen point examination so that you can have the peace of mind that we are looking after you and your family. This is what you can be guaranteed of receiving your dental examination with us:

  1. Medical History Questionnaire Re-checking your medical details enables us to identify medical conditions that influence the health of your mouth and treatments we are able to offer you. You can be confident your treatment will be safe.

  2. Dental Questionnaire. Every patient has a different expectation about they want us to provide for them. To help us to help you get exactly what you want from us we will ask you detailed questions about how you feel about your mouth.

  3. Joint examination. Problems with your jaw joint can cause a wide variety of problems ranging from headaches, locked jaws, broken teeth, sensitive or worn teeth. You can be certain that we will routinely screen your jaw to pick up any problems early.

  4. Cancer screening Each year almost 5,500 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed. Recovery from oral cancer has an excellent prognosis provided it is detected early, we will give you peace of mind by screening for signs of oral cancer at every examination looking at all inside your mouth including inside your cheeks, under your tongue, throat and your tonsils.

  5. Tumours and muscle review. By routinely examining the outside of your face, head, and neck we will check that you are free from tumours and muscle problems.

  6. Straightness of teeth and your bite You can depend on us that we will check to make sure that position of your teeth is not causing problems.

  7. Gum examination. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight and pre-mature babies as well as being the most common cause of tooth loose. You can be reassured as we will be checking for and monitoring the health of your gums at every appointment.

  8. Tooth examination. We will check your teeth for signs of decay, wear, erosion fracture or cracks; so that you can be certain that we will identify any problems early minimizing treatment needes.

  9. Review of existing treatment, fillings, crowns and bridges, RCT, implants etc. We will review all your existing treatment fillings, crowns, bridges RCT, implants etc for signs of failure, leakage, and cracks that if left untreated will result in further decay and deterioration.

  10. Spaces and missing teeth. Missing teeth and spaces can result in many problems such as increased risk of gum disease, tooth decay, jaw joint problems, in addition to looking unsightly. We will assess any spaces you have at each visit so you can trust that you are problem free.

  11. Dentures. If you wear denture we will check them for comfort, fit, function, to make sure that your false teeth look natural and allow to you eat well.

  12. Appearance. Routinely we will look at the appearance colour and shape of your teeth to make sure that your smile remains attractive.

  13. Smoking habits. Smokers have a much higher incidence of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth loss, to help you be as healthy as possible we will review your smoking habits.

  14. Diet and fluoride Your diet, particularly consumption and frequency of sugar will put you at risk of dental decay, which is preventable.

  15. Oral hygiene habits. Ineffective cleaning of your mouth will result in gum disease; at each dental examination, we will assess your cleaning habits so you can be certain that your gums are as healthy as possible.

  16. Sleep apnoea, is a serious condition that can result in death, it is often associated with snoring. Our examinations routinely screen patients for sleep apnoea.

Routinely at every two years we will take radiographs (x-rays) to check for;

  1. Dental decay under fillings, crowns or bridges or areas which cannot be seen by visual inspection.

  2. Levels and quality of bone supporting the teeth.

  3. Hidden roots or un-erupted teeth

  4. Signs of abscesses or bone tumors.

Following our detailed sixteen point dental examination, we will:

  1. Advise you of our findings

  2. Explain you the optional and appropriate treatments in detail.

  3. Discuss with you what you want and devise a treatment plan that is most appropriate to you.

  4. Provide you with a written treatment plan, detailing the treatment agreed and the costs.

  5. Discuss payment options, so you can be confident that your treatment is easily affordable.

  6. Give you an indication of the number of appointments required over what timescale.

  7. Give you an indication of your involvement and the actions you will need to take to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

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