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Smile Gallery

General Dentistry Case Studies

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Decay in front teeth

This young gentleman came to see us with unattractive looking front teeth. He also told us he suffered from bleeding gums and bad breath. After further investigation, we discovered that his diet included high in sugar fizzy drinks and that he regularly snacked on unhealthy foods.

Before we could successfully perform Cosmetic Bonding Treatment on our patient, we have provided him with a new Dental Hygiene regime, Oral Health Education and Dietary Advice. This preventative approach played a very important role as we wanted him to keep his new smile for as long as possible.

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Worn, chipped teeth

This middle aged lady's teeth had numerous chips and sharp edges at the tips of her teeth which she found uncomfortable. After a thorough examination, we established that the patient was grinding her teeth at night which was a surprise for her - not many people are aware of grinding as they do it in their sleep. 

We were able to rebuild her upper front teeth with Composite Bonding Treatment and we shaped them to a natural, smooth look. The patient was very happy with the treatment and to keep her teeth intact she now wears a Night Guard which is great protection.

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Broken Teeth

This patient was very self-conscious about her smile due to failed dental work and broken teeth. Patient treatment was a combination of the following:

Porcelain veneers and crowns, teeth whitening and composite bonding.

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Tooth Wear and Erosion

Patient felt that her smile was letting her down due to loss of tooth tissue caused by grinding her teeth.

A beautiful result was achieved by our teeth whitening treatment and Cosmetic Bonding.

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Failing Dental Work

This lady attended our practice for a routine examination and was concerned about the state of her crowns. We replaced the failing crown with a new porcelain crown, which gave the patient great aesthetic results.

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Failing Dental Work & Discoloured Teeth

Male patient in his 30's came to us because he was unhappy with his front teeth. He didn't like the colour of his teeth and his veneers were failing.

To achieve a great result our treatment included teeth whitening and replacement of patient's veneers. The patient told us that he feels much better about his smile, especially at work where he is face to face with clients.

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