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Dental Implants

At Blueberry Dental, we offer dental implants, a permanent and natural-looking solution for replacing missing teeth. Our experienced team uses state-of-the-art technology to carefully place the implants into the jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for prosthetic teeth that blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth. With our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction, we ensure that the dental implant process is a smooth and successful experience, restoring both functionality and aesthetics to our patients' smiles.


Do I need dental implants?

Teeth allow us to do some of the most enjoyable things in life: enjoying meals with loved ones, having long conversations with friends or smiling in photos to create memories that will last forever. But sometimes, missing teeth or loose dentures can prevent us from making the most of these moments.

Does this situation sound all too familiar? What we’re describing is common - but thankfully, it’s something that we help patients to overcome every day.

We offer a permanent, natural-looking solution that will transform the way you live your life. Those foods you used to eat whenever you could? They’ll return to your diet again, and you’ll enjoy them without any pain. The urge to cover your mouth when laughing with friends or smiling in photos? It will become a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll discover new-found confidence, happiness, and a sense of self.

What makes dental implants so special?

Dental implants integrate into your jawbone, making them a permanent solution to replace missing or loose teeth. Not only does the tooth blend in perfectly with your other natural teeth, but the artificial titanium ‘root’ anchors it to your jaw, just like a natural tooth root. It looks and functions exactly like your natural teeth, so no one needs to know you’ve had treatment. 

How does dental implant treatment work?

First, we place a metal screw into your jawbone that acts as a replacement root for the teeth that can no longer support themselves. This ‘root’ fuses with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration so that the implant becomes a fixed part of your mouth. Once this is complete, we will attach a crown or denture to the metal post. 

The benefits

We will design your implants to look and function just like your natural teeth. This makes for a comfortable, discreet alternative to options like dentures.

When you chew, your teeth stimulate your jawbone, providing blood and nutrients to help build bone mass. Missing teeth prevent this vital stimulation, which can eventually cause your bone tissue to reabsorb elsewhere. Implants are the only tooth-replacement option that prevents this from happening. 

With thorough care, implants can last for up to 30 years!

Missing teeth can disrupt the facial structure, especially around the lower third of your face between your nose and chin. Implants help to re-align the teeth and jaw by restoring strength and density.  

Which implants do we use?

We are proud to use two of the leading dental implant brands for our implant placement procedures - Straumann and BTI. The implant brand used will be decided by your clinician based on your individual treatment needs.

PRGF® healing technology

PRGF stands for Plasma Rich Growth Factor. It is a healing technique using a Plasma membrane created by centrifuging the patient’s own blood plasma. This membrane, enriched with the patient’s own growth factor hormone, is then placed over the implant or extraction site to stimulate and speed up the healing process as well as help to repair the tissue surrounding the bone. It is a safe and effective procedure that helps the body to repair itself by using its own natural resources. This triggers new tissue growth around the wound allowing it to heal quicker.

This technology originated in Spain, from a Scientific company called BTI. Here, at Blueberry Dental Surgery, we also use the BTI implant system as they offer a high quality both physically and visually for patients. Our Principal Dentist, Dr Ky Anh To (Bob), is now offering this treatment to all of our patients as we have the equipment on site to carry out the PRGF supported healing treatment.

The benefits

PRGF is a safe technique. The procedure uses the patient’s own blood to encourage a natural healing process which then eliminates the risk of infection, rejection and reduces complications in the patient’s recovery after surgery.

Because this technique uses the patient’s own blood it also helps to remove the chance any side effects for the patient.

The PRGF technique accelerates the healing process in the wound, significantly speeding up the recovery process.

As well as stimulating recovery, it also encourages the regeneration of the bone in the implant site helping to restore face shape after bone and tooth loss as well as possible premature ageing.

Although this technique carries a lot of benefits, it isn’t a complicated procedure nor is it painful.

Some patients are anxious before dental procedures partly due to fear of pain, infection, complications and the possibility of slow recovery, the PRGF healing technique offers the patient a quick and effective solution to all of these. Not only does it result in a rapid recovery and eliminate complications, it does so by taking advantage of the body’s own healing process and natural resources.

PRGF healing technology
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