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How to help your teeth survive university life

New school year is fast approaching and teenagers heading off to university will have to take control of their oral health without their parents’ reminders. It is not a secret that student life and diet is not the healthiest and easiest one on their teeth. Eating late at night, having fizzy drinks filled with sugar and caffeine, dealing with hangovers and snacking while studying can lead to huge dental problems for young people.

We have the following tips for university goers:

  1. Don’t brush your teeth straight after having carbonate drinks or fruit juice. This could actually damage teeth because tooth enamel would be softened by the acid.

  2. Wait for 4 hours after having fizzy drinks before brushing your teeth – giving enamel time to harden.

  3. Drink plenty of water, especially if you exercise a lot. Staying hydrated helps to increase your saliva flow which then neutralize acid in your mouth. Making sure you drink enough water is not only good for your teeth but is very beneficial for your overall health.

  4. If you are sick, do not brush your teeth immediately, but rinse your mouth with water.

  5. Be kind to your teeth – buffer them up with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.

  6. Do not forget to visit your dentist regularly – arrange your appointments during school breaks and make sure you see dental professional every 6 months.



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