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Alternative Uses of Almighty Toothpaste

We use toothpaste to clean our gums and teeth. We love it because it brightens our smiles and give us that pleasant fresh feeling. Few people know that toothpaste can help you to keep your house squeaky clean. Non-gel toothpaste usually has a white, milky colour and it can be used to clean, polish and refresh a variety of surfaces…

  1. Clean an iron

The dirty, sticky base of the iron is a nightmare during ironing. Fortunately, dirt can be easily removed by using the toothpaste. Be sure to disconnect the iron from the socket and keep it cool. Use clean cloth to spread the paste on the iron base. Leave it for a minute and wipe it off– ready!

  1. Get crayon off the wall

…when your children instead of using paper use your walls to paint with the crayons. To remove such a dirt without damaging wall paint – sponge and a little toothpaste should do the job!

  1. Polish silver/metal

Dust and dirt can easily adhere to silver jewellery, chrome household appliances or metal door handles. Toothpaste can brighten and clean various metal surfaces. Just use a damp cloth and a bit of paste to rub the metallic surface. At the end, wipe with a wet cloth to restore the shine!

  1. Remove unwanted odour

When your plastic food containers become smelly, don’t throw them away! You can save it with magical power of toothpaste – it will remove the unwanted odour. Just wipe your container with a little bit of toothpaste, leave it for few minutes and rinse…taadaa



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