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Day at work of a Dental Nurse

Our Dental Nurses are super heroes that is for sure. The never-ending list of tasks that they complete everyday proves just that.  Here is a quick summary of their daily performance:

8:45 am

We all start the day with a morning meeting where we run through our list of patients. We make sure that we are fully prepared for upcoming treatments and Dr Bob has everything he needs. We double check if we have any meetings and any outstanding queries. Coffee and tea at this time is very welcome 🙂

9 am till 12:30 pm

Our Morning clinic always runs smoothly. At this job, you have to be a step ahead of yourself and anticipate your dentist and patient needs. During the appointments, we take X-rays, photos, dental impressions, help with patient clinical notes, mix dental materials and if needed, we reassure and calm our patients.

After dental appointment, we have to make sure that the surgery is disinfected, all the instruments are sterilised and the surgery is ready for the next patient asap. In-between appointments we liaise with our lovely busy receptionist and we make sure that we are aware of any upcoming changes and patient requests.

12:30 pm till 1pm

This time is specifically allocated for our patients that have an emergency or unregistered patients who are in a trouble. If there is no one to be seen we would help at reception with answering calls, filing notes etc… we always have a good laugh out there as well 🙂

1 pm

Time for lunch  – usually by that time there is a smell of toasts coming from the staff room where everyone is heating up their soups and preparing delicious sandwiches and salads. We all have a good chat and some of us go for a walk, read a magazine or just relax…maybe even have a quick after lunch snooze. Some people can fall asleep literally everywhere…. haha.

2 pm

This is our afternoon session. Things are picking up a speed – we are usually very busy with variety of treatments such as composite fillings, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal therapy and many more. We get excited when we see Dr Bob performing a new technique or using one of his numerous gadgets.

3/4 pm

If we have few minutes in between appointments, we pop out to our staff room and have a sneaky cup of tea and a biscuit – we have to be honest with you – we do like our biscuits 🙂

5/6 pm

We close our clinic, stock up a surgery with all the materials, clean and disinfect so it is ready for the next day.

Blueberry Dental Surgery is a great place to work. We have a lovely supportive team and we are always happy to help each other. It is very important to be a team – player as none of the days it’s the same here and we have to adapt quickly, calmly and cope with any changes to the schedule that may arise on the day. Positive attitude and a smile is a part of our uniform!



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