Whether you’ve recently had an accident that’s damaged a tooth, or you just want to see your smile looking truly fabulous, opting for dental implants could be a way of bringing your teeth back to life. This modern technique means that your new smile, if properly looked after, can actually last for years.


Dental Implants Bracknell

Dental Implants in Bracknell

Losing even just one tooth can be devastating to a person’s appearance and confidence. Dental implants offer a superb, permanent solution that helps to redress the negative impact for people who have lost teeth, wear dentures or are about to have teeth removed.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants act as a ‘root’ within the jawbone to which a replacement tooth is grafted, creating a natural looking smile.

Here at Blueberry Dental we use materials from Straumann, a leading manufacturer of dental implants. Once the teeth are lost, the bone chamber in which they once sat gradually subsides because it is no longer needed to support the tooth.  It is therefore best to consider and proactively plan for an implant before the tooth extraction to ensure no loss of jawbone and no unsightly gap.

What are dental implants


If you have failing teeth we place the dental implant directly into the extraction socket i.e immediate implants.

The Implants can be fitted in stages:

1. The implant is placed in the standing socket within the jaw with a local anaesthetic. Sedation can be provided if preferred. It can be possible for temporary teeth to be attached to the implant at the same time as the fitting.

2. Once the jaw has healed, replacement teeth are grafted to the implant.


Dental implants are not for everyone so you should make an appointment to see your Blueberry dentist for a thorough examination and discussion.

The quality and quantity of jaw bone will be the key factors in selecting the treatment.

Consequently, your dentist will discuss a treatment plan that is right for you only after an examination and x-ray to determine your bone strength and gum condition.


Dental implant treatment timeline

This treatment can be undertaken in a single day or in some scenarios, it may take 3 months (for implants placed in the lower jaw) or up to 6 months (for implants placed in the upper jaw) to conclude the treatment, from start to completion. The treatment duration may vary depending on the type of implant treatment being considered, the width and height of available bone, the healing time required after the removal of the tooth in the area, the quality and sufficiency of bone, the possible presence of infection and the possible requirement for bone graft.


Implants are the most advanced treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth and require specialist dental skills, high quality materials and a lot of the dentist’s time. Sedation, tooth removal, bone grafting and sinus elevation, if needed, will add to the final costs. A dental health examination and x-ray will also be required before any treatment plan can be arranged.

The cost of implants will vary but will start at £1,900 to £2,500 for one implant.

Your Blueberry dentist will discuss your specific treatment plan with you at the surgery and provide a written detailed treatment plan proposal with the clear and transparent break-down of costs per appointment for your easy deliberating and planning.

To make it easier to budget we recommend paying by instalments during the treatment.  Furthermore, do take time to consider our Blueberry membership plan and the advantages that it offers.

Please refer to our dental implant case studies for more information on this advanced treatment option and the difference that it can make and view a typical treatment plan and implant costs at the bottom of this page.

Call us to find out more about our dental implant treatments

Free Initial Consultationwith necessary x-rays
Appointment 1:
Implant Placement£1150
Protective EquipmentIncluded
Medication for post operationIncluded
Anaesthetics (throughout)Included
Appointment 2:
Suture removalIncluded
Appointment 3:
Placement of healing cap on implant£300
Appointment 4:
Crown Preparation and Impression£350
Implant Abutment£350
Appointment 5:
Crown Fit£300
Prices correct @ 04.2022

Sedation, tooth removal, bone grafting and sinus elevation are additional costs, if needed.

To make it easier to budget we recommend paying by instalments during the treatment and do take time to consider our own Blueberry membership plan.

Take a look at our relevant case studies and call us to contact us for more information.