Here at Blueberry Dental Practice we pride ourselves on using the latest techniques and we actively encourage preventative methods which we believe helps our patients to understand how to maintain the health of your mouth and keep it free of cavities and gum disease.



A bright, white smile can make a world of difference to you and people around you.

Although whitening toothpastes may help to remove minor stains, they are not very effective in the majority of cases and tooth discoloration can therefore be a frustrating obstacle to achieving the dazzling smile you deserve.  Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available to eliminate or conceal discoloration, helping people to restore the natural colour of their teeth.

Discoloration often can be removed by applying a bleaching agent to the enamel of the teeth. 

If you have had a root canal and the tooth has darkened, your dentist may apply a bleaching material to the inside of the tooth.

When a tooth has been chipped or badly damaged or when stains do not respond to bleaching, your dentist may recommend covering the discoloured areas. This can be done with a composite bonding material that is colour-matched to the surrounding teeth. 

Another option is to get veneers, which are thin shells of ceramic that cover the outer surfaces of the teeth.

Here are some of our solutions:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Cosmetic Bonding

Visit our Case studies to find out a little bit more about the treatments we offer and the final result you can look forward to.